Project: Emergency Assistance to Support Coronavirus Pandemic Response in Nepal 2021

‘’Emergency Assistance to Support Coronavirus Pandemic Response in Nepal 2021’’ is supported by Australian Aid, Caritas Australia and Caritas Nepal and implemented by Jan Jagaran Youth Club (JJYC), Bara in Bara district after outbreak of COVID-19 II wave in the world including in Nepal. 

After spreading of COVID-19 II wave, Nepal government has endorsed again lockdown. In one hand, hospitals here found the lack oxygen cylinder, PCR Kit, Safety measures and human resources. On the hand, poor and marginalized patient of COVID-19 also found the lack of food there. Further, few people were taking vaccination due to low awareness in the communities. In result, the second wave of COVID-19 became a big challenge to tackle. In this context, the overall aim of the project was to contain the spread of the virus and mitigate its impact in Nepal and the specific objectives were to provide appropriate medical equipment and support human resource to health institution to contain COVId-19 II Wave, to ensure protection and safeguarding of caretakers of COVID patients and to disseminate information related COVID 19 to the wider community, to encourage social and behavioral change.

The primarily aim of the project were Improved capacities of health institutions to help contain the virus, Vulnerable and poor people’s caretaker, and poor families have access to food, health safety materials to prevent the spread of virus and reduce its impact and people are informed, aware and sensitized to prevent further vulnerability people in relation to COVID-19 through national level mainstream media and online platform.

The project have implemented in Bara district in Two Primary Health Centers and One District Hospitals.

  • 85 COVID-19 affected and vulnerable families are supported by emergency food.
  • Awareness raised on vaccination through miking, flash board installation and mask campaign,
  • Three human resources were supported to Kalaiya hospital for proper and smooth treatment COVID-19 patients.
  • Kalaiya hospital also got health equipment and 20 oxygen cylinders in such pandemic situation.
  • Mahagadhimai and Nijgadh Municipalities also got health equipment and safety measures.