Project: Energy Sector Assistance
Sector of interventionHealth and Environment
Donor/Partner Janaki Women Awareness Society/ AEPC
Total budget               Nrs. 141792
Starting date               November,011
Completion date         December,012
Status of the projectCompleted 
Major intervention



Focused cast



  • Field visit of 20 VDCs of Bara 


  • Meeting with old stove

      master to know their intrest  

      over work-20 VDCs

  • Orientation and 

    demonstration of improved 

    cook stoves at Bariyarpur 


  • District level consultative  

      workshop at everest lodge 


  • FM Broadcasting for 

information dessimination through SANSKAR FM(effect and benefit of improved cook stoves)

  • Stove master selection  in all 

   20 VDCs



20 VDCs

Bariyarpur,Telkuwa,Dakshin jhitkohiya,Pipradhi, Piparpati,Bishunupurwa,Khopwa, Pipra basatpur, Singhashni,Bachhanpurwa, Manharwa, Dumarwana,Rampur tokani,Lipni mal, Khutwa Jabdi,Bhatauda,Motisar,Pheta, Itiyahi,Bishrampur

  • During visit we found that some stove master are 

    not interested to work because of not receive  

    amount in time. we also found that SM are not  

    properly selected.Community felt that lack of 

    intrest to install ICS in their home

  • 115 people have show their intrest during Gadhi    

    mai mela wheather more than thousand people 

    visited ICS stall

  • 40 personnel from DDC,District health 

    office,Representatives from NGOs,INGOs,VDCs 

    secratery, media person

  • 7 VDCs secratry have commited to provide 

    money from VDCs fund as a matching fund for 

interested HHs to install ICS.It will be support as co-  funding approach

  •   3 times in a day FM broadcast information about 

     ICS their benefit and effect

  •    22 stove masters are selected from 20 VDCs.

     They are supporting to community people for 

      installation of ICS(

  •    Currently, 735 Rocket stoves are installed in 20 VDCs