Project: Increasing Social Harmony with Security and Good Governance
Sector of interventionCommunity concern about Open Cross Border Security 
Donor/Partner Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF)
Total budget               NRs. 763,000
Starting date                2068-04-22
Completion date         2069-03-30
Status of the projectCompleted 
Best practice               Implementation of every programs after contextual analysis, Interaction videos, Paper news



All people of Bara & Parsa Boarder VDCs
Focused castAll people of Bara & Parsa Boarder VDCs
District/VDCBara & Parsa Boarder VDCs

Major achievements

  • Four PDG are formed in Bara & Parsa District, 60 members involved in this group and discussed on peace and security issues on monthly basis.
  • One monitoring and tracking assistant is involved to collect information relating to security incidents cross boarder and TAG. Different information has disseminated through local as well as National daily newspapers
  • 3 events of VDCs level multi-stakeholder interactions were completed at Matiharwa, Vishwa, and Kwahigoth.
  • More than 300 personnel from civil society, youths, and representatives from the security unit, Indian political party and civil citizen participated.
  • 3 events of District level multi-stakeholder interactions were completed at Kalaiya and Birjung. More than 90 civil society members, Representatives from DAO, DSP office, youth political wings, security unit have interacted and shared information and perception about Terai madhesh peace and security situation.
  • few effects of security condition is towards in improvement that is viewing in Border VDCs of Bara and Parsa District 
  • For awareness raising and information dissemination, Radio Program is in operation through Sanskar FM