Project: Community managed Irrigation Agriculture Sector (CMIASP)

Part 1.  Initial Social Mobilisation during FS/SIP Preparation

  • Information campaigns were undertaken
  • Formation of an ad-hoc executive ensuring representation from head, middle, and tail reaches. 
  • Full list of beneficiaries and their landholding sizes have been collected in coordination with FS/SIP consultants
  • The Institutional Development Plan for the WUA has been developed 
  • During the preparation of the feasibility study, social data collected during PRA has been provided to Consulting Firm. 


Part 2, WUA Institutional Development

  • Facilitated the task of identifying COs for the WUA and impart training to them in all aspects of their work of facilitating the institutional development of the WUA
  • Women had been recruited as COs for 50% of the positions
  • With the help of the COs, the WUA was assisted with the development of a draft constitution, by-laws and rules and regulations.
  • Maintenance of water  reservoir
  • Fund established using the initial deposits submitted is enhanced
  • Assist the WUA and Consulting Firm finalise the Resettlement Plan
  • Monitoring of the CO in facilitating mobilisation of the beneficiaries for carrying out the beneficiaries’ share of the construction works